During my school days, I read a quote on how quotes don’t lead to battlefield victory. I think it was by a French war hero who said something like “.. one cannot win a war by reading quotes about victory..” I am unable to recollect the person’s name or the exact set of words. Now I wonder whether that is also a made-up quote by a compiler who used his imagination to fill the Book of Quotes, before the invention of Google. Then I fell in love with the essence of those lines and it is still one of my favorite.

We can read as many quotes as we want to but we should realise that quotes are not a substitute for essays, poems and books. And of course, if you are looking for motivational quotes, you should also be able to turn that two minute motivation that comes from reading a line of motivational quote into long-term action.

Quotes are good to read for pleasure and motivation. But understand that they are made in different circumstances, in different historical contexts, to suit and even combat the then prevailing situation.

I love my country but I am not blind to the larger cause of humanity, which must prevail over geographical boundaries. The word ‘Indian’ in ‘The Indian Quotes’ is just to refer to the origin of the person whose quote is featured.

Nationality is just a matter of birth. If you are a reader from outside India, I would like to tell you that though we are divided by borders, we are still united by the common blood of humanity. Just because we are born in a particular country, it does not make us automatically better than others. The attempt to compile Quotes from India is only for a casual pleasure and if possible, a casual intellectual pursuit, and definitely not out of nationalism.

Source is mentioned as much as possible and quotes are taken only from standard news websites and blogs. Repetition doesn’t turn widespread opinion into fact. So no fake quotes, no matter how popular it maybe.

Quotes suffer from two biases:

a) Even an ordinary statement made by a celebrity in any profession gets more attention than an intellectual opinion offered by a junior level artist or an unknown person.

b) Individuals who are gifted with communication skills, especially in the English language, combined with social media prowess and the ability to touch the right note of provocation know how to get themselves on every social media feed.

This is something we should know, even though we cannot stop others from expressing their views.

While I am open to taking quotes and verses from religious scriptures and figures, I believe that religion should be a matter of one’s personal life alone. It should not be used to make laws, it should not be used to govern nations, it should not be used to dictate the lives of children, women and others.

And if you like to piss off people, with a positive intent, then the site maybe interested in your content, when we start accepting submission from readers, in future.

To give you an idea, here are some of the articles that were posted on the Indian Quotes page:

1) Donald Trump to take over as President of India

2) Quote on Polyamory by Priya Suresh

3) Presence of Caste identity among atheist-feminist groups

4) Satire on couples asking permission from cops before having sex

5) Motherhood is not suitable for all women

If you are interested in getting your content featured on the site, be it an article, poem or book excerpt, do send an email to theindianquotes@gmail.com (And if you are representing a ‘celebrity’ or a professional whose quotes can be featured on the site, send an email with the website links and scanned copies of interviews they have given.)

Do enjoy the website and share it with your friends. I need your help to get this done. 🙂

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