When I have a daughter – Poem by Harnidh Kaur

When i have a daughter – Poem by Harnidh Kaur

When i have a daughter,

I hope to raise an inconvenient woman.

a bloody nuisance. a storm cloud mastering her rumbles and roars.

a difficult woman,
with questions sparkling at her fingertips and eyes that glint with magic, passion, and will.

a headstrong woman with a tongue she refuses to tame.

a nasty woman with a face that knows how to stretch only when joy pulls and tugs at its crinkled edges.

an angry woman unapologetic about how her body shakes when she snarls.

a unladylike woman whose being takes space, takes charge, takes breadth.

an emotional woman, with laughter lines etched deep into her skin like a tattooed reminder of every happiness she had.

a selfish woman, who was never taught how to shrink or cede space.

a horrible woman with no idea of what makes good women.

a siren who refuses to slice through her voicebox.

a wolf whose howls echo off her skin.

a riot barely held together by blood and bone.

a witchling reclaiming her forgotten spells.

a sliver of moonlight cutting through her own darkness.

a dragon flying off as she snarls.

a dark, deep canopy of hope dripping down faith into herself.

i hope to raise a kind woman, kind to every bit of herself.

Harnidh Kaur, author of Inability of Words

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When I have a daughter – Poem by Harnidh Kaur

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