Quotes by Ravish Kumar

Ravish Kumar (born 5 December 1974) is an anchor, writer and journalist who covers topics pertaining to Indian politics and society. He is a senior executive editor at NDTV India, the Hindi news channel of the NDTV news network and hosts a number of programmes including the channel’s flagship weekday show Prime Time, Hum Log and Ravish Ki Report.

“One doesn’t die only when they are buried or cremated. Fear which forbids you to speak, write and hear what you want is also a form of death.” – Ravish Kumar.

“We have all become consumer of tragedies.”

– Ravish Kumar.

“The news anchor is the new centre of power in our times. He freely lashes out at those who speak differently from him. It is crime to hold an opposing view. To present an alternative is a serious crime, to present facts is scurrilous and to be truthful, is sinful. Television converted our evenings into a lock-up and now these ‘police-stations’ continue their operation throughout the day!”

– Ravish Kumar.

“Every morning we don’t see the sun rise – instead we begin our day by checking Good-morning messages on Whatsapp. It seems like soon the world will start believing that the sun rises on Whatsapp! Soon we are going to prosecute Galileo once again and this time we are going to witness a live telecast!” – Ravish Kumar.

“Indian media is right now in the state of ecstasy. There was a time when they found a stairway to heaven; today they have found heaven on earth. The stairway is not needed any longer. If you do not believe me, please go ahead and have a look at any newspaper or watch any news channel. You will be overwhelmed by watching their love and loyalty to one particular political agenda.” – Ravish Kumar.

“Journalism is spreading communalism in India. It is thirsty for blood. It will make the nation bleed one day. It may not appear to be very successful in promoting its agenda today, but we cannot ignore the efforts it is making. Thus arises the need for us to deliberate upon this with anyone and everyone we come across. Newspapers and television channels have become branches of political parties. Anchors wield more power in political parties than the general secretaries of these parties. Until one fights these new political formations, alternative political ideas cannot take shape.” – Ravish Kumar.

“Those who throw ink are being appointed spokespersons and those who write with ink are only indulging in propaganda. Contemporary journalism is the contemporary propaganda.” – Ravish Kumar.

Source: The Wire and Scroll

“It’s a dangerous situation right now. How will a common man feel safe when media is manhandled and beaten up in court premises? You cannot threaten the media. A journalist has to be fearless. The citizen gets empowered watching us take on the establishment.”- Ravish Kumar.

“If anchors resort to stifling freedom of speech, then people should stop watching debates on TV. These are the same anchors who pick up the most frivolous of issues and ignore the ones that truly affect the common man.”

– Ravish Kumar.

“When was the last time such anchors visited places where people are dying of thirst and hunger? Wearing a suit & getting a camera & prime time slot doesn’t mean you can say anything you want.”- Ravish Kumar.

Source: The Quint

“No movement can last long without its wide social acceptance.” – Ravish Kumar.

“Revolutions, movements and demonstrations were there even before the advent of social media. It will continue to happen even now but while discussing the social media we tend to get distracted over the issue of the greatness of social media whereas we should concentrate upon the restlessness behind the expressions.” – Ravish Kumar.

“Today, in the times when the politicians are trying to adjust themselves to the political strength and clout of the television, and are trying to buy it through the paid news – the sudden appearance of the social media has not only surprised them, it has also frustrated their efforts.”

– Ravish Kumar.

“Social media is the newest avatar of the media. Its significance is that of a medium. Political changes do not come from a medium alone. They are brought through a new alternate political thought. The role of the social media should be seen through this angle.” – Ravish Kumar.

Source: Sunday Indian

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Quotes by Ravish Kumar

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