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Sachin Tendulkar (born 24 April 1973) is a former Indian cricketer and captain, widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time. He took up cricket at the age of eleven, made his Test debut in 1989 against Pakistan in Karachi at the age of sixteen, and went on to represent Mumbai domestically and India internationally for close to twenty-four years. He is the only player to have scored one hundred international centuries, the first batsman to score a double century in a One Day International, the holder of the record for the number of runs in both ODI and Test cricket, and the only player to complete more than 30,000 runs in international cricket.

After a few hours of his final match in 2013, the Prime Minister’s Office announced the decision to award him the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award. He is the youngest recipient to date and the first ever sportsperson to receive the award. In 2012, Tendulkar was nominated to the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament of India. He was also the first sportsperson and the first person without an aviation background to be awarded the honorary rank of group captain by the Indian Air Force. In 2012, he was named an Honorary Member of the Order of Australia.

“Success is a process. During that journey sometimes there are stones thrown at you, and you convert them into milestones.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I hate losing and cricket being my first love, once I enter the ground it’s a different zone altogether and that hunger for winning is always there.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“Beating Pakistan is always special because they are a tough team and we have a bit of a history regarding Pakistan.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I never played with a runner in my entire life, even in schools, because only I know where the ball is going and how hard, when I hit the ball, something my runner will never know about.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I don’t know how journalists can figure out what’s going on in my mind when sometimes I myself can’t figure that out.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“It hasn’t yet sunk in yet but I’ve definitely lost around 50 kilos.” – Sachin Tendulkar, after scoring his 100th international ton.

“Sometimes I need to look at the scoreboard to figure out whether I’m batting hundred-plus or whether I am on zero.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“Any active sportsman has to be very focused; you’ve got to be in the right frame of mind. If your energy is diverted in various directions, you do not achieve the results. I need to know when to switch on and switch off: and the rest of the things happen around that. Cricket is in the foreground, the rest is in the background.”

– Sachin Tendulkar

“I really like Iceland. One of the nicest things about it is that I hardly ever had to reach for my credit card. There’s practically nothing there to go shopping for.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I get 0.5 seconds to react to a ball, sometimes even less than that. I can’t be thinking of what XYZ has said about me. I need to surrender myself to my natural instincts. My subconscious mind knows exactly what to do. It is trained to react. At home, my family doesn’t discuss media coverage.”

– Sachin Tendulkar

Source: NDTV

“At least with me, the match starts much, much earlier than the actual match.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I always had a dream to play for India but I never let it put pressure on me.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I believe every era has its significance and the same holds true for players and coaches.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I feel when somebody has been playing cricket for a long time, he creates a separate identity for himself.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I hate losing and cricket being my first love, once I enter the ground it`s a different zone altogether and that hunger for winning is always there.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I have never believed in comparisons, whether they are about different eras, players or coaches.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I have never thought where I will go, or forced any targets on myself. I just want to continue the way I am going.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I want to give my six hours of serious cricket on the ground and then take whatever the result.” – Sachin Tendulkar

Source: Zee News

“I am a Maharashtrian and I am extremely proud of that. But I am an Indian first. And Mumbai belongs to all Indians.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“Competitive spirit has played a huge role in making me what I am.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I spent a lot of time preparing myself physically and mentally. I would rather convert that negative energy into positive energy.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“It’s about not accepting every little challenge thrown at you. Sometimes you hold back and when it’s needed you go for it.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I remember things clearly. I remember most of my dismissals and… I remember the great shots too.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I tell the youngsters, … respect the cricketers who actually played with you before. It will help you stay on the ground.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I would not let my natural instincts get confused by unwanted thoughts. I went ahead and played my game.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“There have been tough situations. But you want to go out there and give it your best. You look at the bigger picture.” – Sachin Tendulkar

Source: India Today

“My life has been between 22 yards for 24 years and it’s hard to believe my wonderful journey is coming to an end.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“Anjali, you are the best partnership that I had in my life.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“My daughter is 16, my son is 14. Time has flown by. I’ve missed out on several birthdays, holidays, annual days and sports days. Thanks for understanding, both of you have been so special to me. I’ve not spent enough time with you but I promise you the next 16 years or even beyond that, everything is for you.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“In the last 24 years that I have played for India, I have made new friends, and before that, I have had friends from my childhood. They have all made a terrific contribution.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I want to thank my fans from the bottom of my heart. ‘Sachin, Sachin’ will reverberate in my ears till I stop breathing.” – Sachin Tendulkar

Source: NDTV

“Playing Pakistan is a little more than playing anyone else. But eventually it is a game of cricket. My point of view is that when I am playing cricket I cannot think that this game is less or more important. I want to give my six hours of serious cricket on the ground and then take whatever the result. There will always be expectations, but then you can’t do much about it.” – Sachin Tendulkar

Source: Rediff

“As far as the World Cup is concerned, it is a process. We don’t want to jump to the 50th floor straight away. We must start on the ground floor.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“To be number one is special, it was our dream and our target to get to the number one spot. Everyone wants to be number one and we cannot relax because there are other countries who want to be number one.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I want to play for as long as possible and as long as I have the desire and the hunger I will carry on. The day I do not want to get out of bed and do anything then I know it will be time to go in another direction.” – Sachin Tendulkar

Source: Zee News

“Presence’ is actually very important in international sport. It is one thing just being there in the middle, but it is another making people aware of your ‘presence'” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I was part of a band of eleven fortunate men who had been given the duty of representing close to a billion Indians. It was an honour every aspiring cricketer lives for, to play for his country against the best of world cricket. And with the honour came responsibility. I was going to be accountable to the cricket fans back home and was expected to give my best for them.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“The balance between aggression and caution was crucial.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“The surgical process turned out to be slightly out of the ordinary because I was not the best patient. I was extremely worried that the doctors would cut open my palm. Cutting the palm would mean substantially altering my grip, which I really didn’t want to do. I explained to both my surgeons the nuances of cricket and urged them to cut open the back of the hand. I was so obsessed with this issue that I woke up during the surgery and asked them to show me where they had made the incision. Dr Joshi later told me that they were all surprised to see me awake despite the anaesthesia. The doctors showed me that my palm had been left untouched and told me to calm down and allow them to carry on. Satisfied, I instantly drifted back to sleep.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“We didn’t have too many balls then and if they bounced over the walls of the terrace, I would quickly run down four floors and fetch them (there were no elevators then, something that explains the secret behind my strong legs!).” – Sachin Tendulkar

“When trying to save a match, the important thing is to set small targets. These can be as little as batting the next five overs, or the next hour, or even a session. If a wicket doesn’t fall for close to a session, the opposition, however much they are in control, are bound to feel pressure.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I had a lot of adventures as a child, but one that stands out is when I was cut under my eye while playing at Shivaji Park, the breeding ground of cricketers in Mumbai, and had to return home covered in blood. I was captaining my team in a match at Shivaji Park when I was twelve and after our wicketkeeper got injured I asked my team-mates if anyone could keep wicket. No one volunteered and somewhat reluctantly I stepped up to the challenge, even though I’d never tried it before. I was uncomfortable standing in the unfamiliar position behind the stumps and soon missed a nick. The ball came at me fast and, even before I could react, it hit me smack in the face, just missing my eye.” – Sachin Tendulkar

“I’ve always believed that cricket is played best when your mind is at the opposite end and that problems occur when your mind is stuck at your own end.” – Sachin Tendulkar

Source: Google Books

Ramesh Tendulkar to his son Sachin Tendulkar:

“Typically let’s say a person lives for 70 years or so. How many years will you play the sport? 20 years, if you are very good, maybe even 25 years. Even by that yardstick, you will live the majority of your years outside the sphere of your professional sport. This clearly means that there is more to life than cricket. I am asking you, son, to keep a pleasant disposition and maintain a balanced nature. Do not allow success to breed arrogance in you. If you remain humble, people will give you love and respect even after you have finished with the game. As a parent, I would be happier hearing people say, ‘Sachin is a good human being’ more than ‘Sachin is a great cricketer’, any day.”

Source: Economic Times

Ramesh Tendulkar to his son Sachin Tendulkar:

“Son, life is like a book. It has numerous chapters. It also has many a lesson in it. It is made up of a wide variety of experiences and resembles a pendulum where success and failure, joy and sorrow are merely extremes of the central reality. The lessons to be learnt from success and failure are equally important. More often than not, failure and sorrow are bigger teachers than success and happiness.”

Source: Google Books

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Quotes by Sachin Tendulkar

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