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“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”
― Jawaharlal Nehru.


“You cannot cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”

– Rabindranath Tagore.


“The difference between living and existing is how much wonder you find in the beauty around you.”

– Shivya Nath.

Source: The Shooting Star

“I travel because bank balances, car brands, and salary hikes are a poor measure of life’s worth. I measure it by the songs I sang facing the Nilgiris, the unhurried conversations with strangers by the sea, the stories I heard, the people I loved and the many homes I discovered in strange places.

– Ullas Marar.


“When I was in school and college, when my thinking used to be on the lines of, let me graduate and find a good job, so I can start clearing things off my to-do bucket list. Once I found a job in the IT sector, I thought, let me save a little by working for 2–3 years and I’ll be able to travel abroad. 2–3 years slowly transpired into 4–5 years and I fell into the rat race of performing well at employment, finding a new employment that helps me grow faster and so on. Then, as I completed about 6 years into IT, it dawned on me that I should get some management education, and applied for an MBA, and now after having completed the MBA, I’m again back in the deadlock of career leading to growth and growth leading to a better career path. While, not having had any major commitments, or financial disparities, if I haven’t thus far been able to realize my dream of travelling, I can now visualize how difficult it should be for an average Indian to travel the world.”

– SreeHari Karanam.

Source: Quora

“Indians are one of the smartest and workaholic people on this planet and despite that we are not much into traveling.One thing that Indians and India as a whole lacks is the travel culture. To us, travel is more of limited to visiting the relatives in vacations. It is the lack of the travel culture that is hindering the growth of the Indian travelers.”

– Himanshu Singh.

Source: Quora

“The more I learn about the universe outside me, the more I immerse myself in the universe inside.” – Zainab Kakkal.

Source: A Thought Experiment

“I am my best companion when I travel.”

– Lakshmi Sharath.

Source: Lakshmi Sharath

“Life is the greatest adventure conceived by the Universe and travel is the ink to pen it.” – Nidhi Rohit Joshi.

Source: Black Board

“I have chosen to buy experiences over amassing wealth.” – Parnashree Devi.

Source: Travel Diary Parnashree

“If you really want to do something, you don’t make any excuses not to do it.” – Ankit Rawat.

Source: Times of India

“The thirst to absorb is greater when one has fought harder to achieve something. Consequently we treasure every day that we spend travelling.” – Taneja.

Source: Times of India

“Stable jobs provided us the funds to travel, but we always had to rush and return to our desks on Monday. We always found ourselves wanting to stay a little longer and not be dictated by the calendar. The more we traveled on weekends and short holidays, the more we wanted to travel longer. The tipping point was when we were hiking in Wales, climbing to the top of Snowdon. It was a Sunday so it was pretty crowded. We never saw a more crowded mountaintop than Snowdon. People were scrambling to step on the peak. We kept wondering what it would be like to come here on an off-peak day and have all this beauty to just ourselves. That was when we decided to quit our jobs and travel long term.” – Vikram and Ishwinder.

Source: Nomadic Matt

“I want to see the world. That’s my desire. My only desire!” – Vijayan, tea shop owner, who has traveled to many countries with his wife Mohana, by saving 300 rupees per day.

Source: Business Insider

“Indians are the only humans who travel abroad and search for an Indian restaurant to eat.” – Ivan Mehta

Source: Twitter

“We were in Sucre, Bolivia, and our knowledge of Spanish at that point was next to nothing. We did however know that chicken was called ‘pollo’. We walked into a restaurant and ordered ‘pollo’, the only thing we knew. A girl then walked to our table and started asking questions. We had no idea what she was saying! After a while, she started pointing to her legs, breasts and made flapping gestures, asking us if we wanted the legs, breasts or the wings of the chicken. Every time we think of that exchange, we burst out laughing.”

– Sandeepa and Chetan.

Source: Ithaka

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Quotes on Travel

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