Start-Up Quotes

Entrepreneurs need freedom from the state.

– Arun Jaitley, Union Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs.


“The core of any business is to earn money. You have not done your job well until you find a stranger who is willing to open his/her wallet to give you money for the service/products that you are offering.”

– Sachin Bansal, Flipkart.


Build the new, don’t just fight the old.

– Sairee Chahal, Sheroes.


“Women need to be on all panels, not just women entrepreneur panels! ”

– Shanti Mohan, LetsVenture.


“Go out and start up. It is the hardest thing to do. For me it was very hard. When I started, my parents thought I was going to become a travel agent. It was very hard to convince them that I was not.”

– Bhavish Agarwal, Ola.

“Rather have a 100 customers that love you than a million customers that like you.” – Varsha Rao, AirBnB.

“I want to be recognized as a successful entrepreneur, not just as a successful woman entrepreneur.”

-Anisha Singh, Mydala.

“I saw early on that my life is going to be a series of failures but then failures help build character.”

– Kunal Bahl, SnapDeal.

“Companies that want to do everything end up doing nothing; start small and then expand.”

Ritesh Agarwal, OYO rooms.



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Start-Up Quotes

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